Probate Lawyer Singapore

Are you looking for a probate lawyer in Singapore? Gravitas Law LLC is a law firm that provides probate services (estate administration) to obtain Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Our Singapore lawyer provides an affordable and efficient service to get you the Grant of Probate (if the deceased left behind a Will) or Letter of Administration (if there's no Will) as quicky as possible.

Our probate lawyer can assist whenever there is a death in the family, advising on access to bank accounts and transfer of assets to the rightful beneficiaries in Singapore or overseas.

We also assist with the resealing of a foreign grant of probate, in case the deceased is not a Singapore citizen but has assets in Singapore. Resealing of the grant of probate involves getting the Singapore High Court to validate the original Grant of Representation as though it has been issued or granted in Singapore.

With our 20 years of experience handling probate matters, Gravitas Law LLC can guarantee you peace of mind and help you handle all your probate issues.

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