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Are you looking for a commercial litigation lawyer in Singapore? Gravitas Law LLC is a law firm that covers commercial litigation matters such as such as issues involving contracts, agreements, disputes, debt recovery, fraud, franchise and joint ventures.

Our commercial litigation lawyers routinely deal with disputes relating to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, franchise agreements, vendor agreements, intellectual property, employment contracts, breach of fiduciary duties, defamation and fraud, among others.

Besides our firm's reputation for aggressively protecting and defending clients' interests, we understand the benefits of avoiding litigation and regularly advise companies and business owners on risk management issues. However, if the case go to trial, you can expect from our commercial litigation lawyer aggressive, hard-hitting advocacy that effectively and articulately explains the strength of your case.

With our extensive experience and courtroom accomplishments as a commercial litigation law firm in Singapore, Gravitas Law LLC can help you with practical and tailored solutions to the problems that companies and business owners may encounter in their commercial transactions.

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Commercial Litigation
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