Robert Raj

Gravitas Law LLC is led by Robert Raj, who is also the Founder and
Managing Director of the law firm.

During his 20-year career as a litigator, he has handled numerous
high-profile cases including multi-million dollar claims.

Robert is a lawyer you can trust for expert legal counsel
and aggressive, hard-hitting advocacy.


Robert Raj was first called to the bar in Malaysia in 1998 and his last attachment was in the Kuala Lumpur office of Zaid Ibrahim and Co, the largest law firm in Malaysia. In April 2008, Robert Raj relocated to Singapore and joined Drew and Napier first as a Foreign Lawyer/Associate Director, and thereafter as a Functional Director upon being called to the Singapore bar in 2011. This was followed by a short stunt in a boutique IP firm in Singapore where he jointly headed the Dispute Resolution department. On 1 July 2015, Robert started his own practice and firm, Gravitas Law LLC.

Career Highlights

  • Taking action on behalf of a COO of a prominent company against defamatory statements made in e-mails by a disgruntled former employee of the company.
  • Acting in a shareholders dispute involving family members.
  • UNCITRAL arbitration in Singapore relating to disputes relating to a pipeline project undertaken by an international oil & gas corporation involving claims of over US$20million.
  • SIAC arbitration concerning a leading worldwide marine solutions company in a contractual dispute.
  • SIAC arbitration relating to contractual disputes and refund of rental deposits.
  • Suing an international financial institution and its former Relationship Manager for losses suffered by the former clients as a result of breaches of duty of care and misrepresentation.
  • Acting for the beneficiaries in an estate dispute.
  • Suing a former director for breach of fiduciary duties in making double claims.
  • Suing a former partner/director and former employees of the company for losses suffered by the company as a result of the breaches of their duties and conspiracy to set up a competing company and carting away of the company’s confidential information.
  • Acting for the Liquidator in suing the former directors of the company for losses suffered as a consequence of the breaches and/or wrongful acts of the former directors.
  • Acting for Hollywood producers to take action against copyright infringers who illegally downloaded and shared the Oscar winning movie Dallas Buyers Club without the consent or authority of the producers.
  • Drafting various agreements and contracts for the clients including but not limited to Memorandum of Understanding, Shareholders Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Agreement for Co-promotion of events and Software Development Agreement.
  • Lawyers for prominent Singapore concert promoters LAMC Productions.
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Robert Raj


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LLB Hons,
2nd Class Upper, Dean List
International Islamic University Malaysia


Law Society of Singapore


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